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ENG - Guides: How to store investment bottles

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Storing bottles of rum and whisky is extremely easier and cheaper than wine, as they do not need a cellar, but can be stored in most domestic environments. Perfectly preserved distillates maintain their organoleptic qualities even after decades, if not centuries, as in the case of The Harewood Rum, distilled in 1780 and opened during "The Rum Tasting of the Century".


Regardless of how long you want to keep your bottles, these are the advice of our specialists.


Unlike wine, rum and whisky should be kept in vertical position, because the cork does not represent the lung of the bottle, but a real hermetic closure, despite the caps do not have the same adhesion as those of the wine.


The cellar, although it has the advantage of a constant climate throughout the year, is a kryptonite for labels and boxes, which over the years tend to absorb moisture and an unpleasant smell of mold/ closed. Unlike wine, a ruined label is an extremely penalizing factor for the value of collectible rum and whisky.


Avoid exposing them to sunlight and make sure that they do not suffer significant changes in temperature during the year: large variations in temperature, make the internal liquid subject to expansion and contraction, which acting as a pump and pressing towards the cap, pushes out alcohol vapors and draws fresh oxygen in by denaturing the contents.


Wrap the cap of the bottle with cellophane or even better with parafilm, a moldable wax film also used in the chemical sector and easily available online, to prevent the evaporation of the internal liquid.

Wrap the label with cellophane, in order to preserve it as new even after many years. If they are clear, you could do the same with the boxes.


Once a year, turn the bottle upside down for a few moments to ensure that the cork is always wet and perfectly adherent.

In the case of screw caps you will not need to flip the bottle, but occasionally you may need to tighten them again, taking care not to break the seals.


As you can see, these operations are extremely easy and something anyone can do.


Choose your next investment today!


By: Mariano Reggiani

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