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ENG - Online auctions vs traditional auctions

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Auctions have always been the tiebreaker in the market of collectible bottles. From simple passion for a few, in recent years rum and whisky bottles have turned into objects of investment, which thanks to incredibly high percentage returns, have attracted a growing number of fans and investors from around the world.


In this process, auctions played a key role.


Traditionally, collectible bottles used to be auctioned at traditional auction houses, which generally on an annual basis, offered them to their close circle of buyers. Nowadays, however, a different phenomenon has exploded, a real evolution that will change forever the nature of this sector: the online auctions.

The secret of this success is easy to understand: from a small circle of customers to whom we were accustomed with traditional auction houses, the online auctions made bids from audiences around the world possible, from the girl next door, to the President of the United States of America, without distinction, exponentially increasing the visibility of lots, the interest around them and consequent revenues.

But let’s see more in depth its key aspects. 


The specialists.

The various online marketplaces, unlike traditional live auctions, do not limit their customers to the geographical position where the auction is held. The problem, however, lies in their nature. Private sellers can sell almost any type of product without any kind of control on the authenticity and/or provenance of what they sell, reserving increasingly unwelcome surprises to buyers, who left to themselves, realize that they bought a fake after months, years or sometimes just never.


Traditional auction houses employ qualified staff to verify the lots to be auctioned, but still, they have an absolutely limited audience.

Rumtrades brings together the best of both worlds, taking auctions to a new level.


A wide selection of sellers from all over the world and an in-house team of experts specialized in collectible bottles guarantee the highest quality possible. In such a specific sector, we consider that more specialists eyes to physically view the bottles are needed and sometimes also the opinion of the manufacturer to remedy any reasonable doubt and certify their authenticity, leaving the buyer free to enjoy the dreamed lot without worries.


The offers.

Unlike traditional live auctions that require effective presence, online auctions can be made at any time and any place from which you can access the internet, both from desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Recently, even traditional auction houses started trading online, but the selection of lots, the complexity of operations and the very high commissions, continue to be a very limiting factor.


Online auctions have radically changed this industry, allowing users around the world to make bids in a simple way and easily find the object of their desire.


Ongoing online auctions have a timer that clearly displays the time left to bid on lots, during which you can thoroughly analyze them, ask questions and search for in-depth information.

This brings advantages directly to sellers, who can show their bottles to potential buyers from all over the world, increasing their visibility and as a consequence, sale prices and respective revenues.


Trust and payments.

In a constantly evolving online market, trust and safety of both buyers and sellers come first. Rumtrades does not directly manage payments, but processes them through our commercial partner Stripe, one of the most authoritative payment management platforms with the most advanced security systems in the world. In addition, our customer support offers the same mediation and assistance service as a traditional auction house, guiding users in every stage.


Whether you are shopping for passion, collection or investment, beware of the potential risks of marketplaces or DIY, but be sure to choose a respectable traditional auction house, or an online investment service like Rumtrades.


Discover our auctions now!


By: Stefano Fortunato

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